We invite you to come and grow with us in faith and service!

If you are like most people, you would like your life to be richer and more satisfying than it presently is. The ministry of Community Church seeks to meet this desire in practical ways. It is a ministry that applies the Christian faith to the daily challenges of life.

Worship Service

Every Sunday @ 10:00 am
Sunday School is held during service.

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We are here

372 Wayland Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island, 02906
Phone: 401-751-9328
Email: welcome@cometocommunity.com

Who We Are...

We believe that the highest level of discovery is union with God. Personal growth involves one’s spirit, a reaching within and a reaching beyond. People grow through moments of encounter that produce deepened insight, needed change, and authentic renewal. A Christian congregation in which people share their lives with one another, openly discuss issues of faith, and serve others is a context that invites such moments.

Community Church of Providence

Rev. Sarah Reed Jay


Daniel Hill

Music Director and Pianist

Bill McDonough


Rev. Lihua Zhou

Chinese Ministry

Our Ministries

Children and Youth

In today’s culture, religious education is more important than ever. At Community Church of Providence, we are passionate about nurturing our young people’s faith and religious understanding. Our Christian Education program is designed to teach children and youth age-appropriate lessons for understanding the Bible and discovering God’s Love through His Word.

Beyond Borders

The Providence Campus Evangelistic Fellowship is a gathering of Christians and seekers founded on the basis of the Holy Bible. In this loving family, we serve each other as one body, carrying the mission to share the Gospel to Chinese Intellectuals and Students in Rhode Island and in the Southern New England region, cultivate a spiritual life, and establish each member in the Love of God, to receive the eternal blessings in Christ.

Family Ministry