When Faith is Your Lifeline

There’s a phrase in the Bible that we’ve all heard many times — “O ye of little faith.” Jesus speaks these words on three occasions, each of them overflowing with both literal and symbolic meaning.

He’s trying to bring his disciples into his enlightened way of seeing life and faith, but they’re slow to learn — frustratingly so. There are a number of significant turning points in this process, times when something especially dramatic or revelatory happens. During three of these times he laments, “O ye of little faith.”

Why is Jesus so frustrated? I don’t think it’s because he expects his disciples to understand immediately who he is and what he has come to do. It’s more that he’s disappointed that their faith is still so shallow. He wants it to be so much more for them than their superficial understanding allows it to be.

This Sunday, we’ll look at the three incidents that caused Jesus’ frustration. As we learn from them, we’ll discover how our faith can become a lifeline that delivers us from some of our most dreaded fears and cares.

Blessings and love to you!