The Most Hopeful Three-letter Word

Here’s a fact that never ceases to amaze me: In any given moment we have the power to shape our life experience. We do this with our thinking.

When our thoughts focus on fear, worry, past failures, and the like, our spirits swoon into what might be called the “three Ds” — distress, depression, and despair.

We fight this battle every day! Psychological studies tell us that the unmonitored mind gravitates toward negative thinking. Without even realizing it, we can get trapped in a downward spiral.

How can we counteract this tendency? Our Christian faith has limitless potential to help us change our thinking and change our lives.

This Sunday, I want to share a message with you called The Most Hopeful Three-letter Word.

Once we understand the implications of this word and apply them to our lives, we gain the ability to stabilize our spirits and redirect them upward.

By working with the power of this word, we can learn to manage even the toughest circumstances and fulfill our God-given potential.

Just three letters, but what power this little word can have!

With love and warmth,

Evan Howard,