Take the Treasure with You!

The last Sunday of August appears insignificant on the calendar, but it can have a powerful meaning in our lives if we approach it with attentive minds and open hearts.

I think of the next two Sundays as the “calm before the storm.” Once September hits, we’ll resume our full schedules with all of their harried demands.

This Sunday, let’s reflect together on how we can create a calm space within ourselves that no storm — even the worst Nor’easter — can disturb.

Over and over again we see the God of the Bible helping the forefathers and mothers of our faith create such a space.

It’s not an easy process, but it’s one that can be learned — even mastered –by a tiny minority of spiritual seekers who catch a vision for it and make it the passion of their lives.

Are you one of these seekers? I hope so, because every good thing in life depends on it.

This Sunday, please join us for worship at 10 am as we focus on the theme TAKE THE TREASURE WITH YOU.

With love and warmth,
Evan Howard,