You can do this!

Chances are, you’re facing the impossible in some area of your life. There’s something you’re attempting to survive, recover from, stand up to, accomplish, keep up with, build, obtain, or achieve, and you’re almost ready to say, “I just can’t do this.”

These kinds of challenges feel overwhelming. So much is at stake. You’ve been fighting a long time. The challenge has confronted you with your inadequacies and weaknesses. It has frustrated and exhausted you. It has made you mad and worried and scared.

The challenge has brought you unmanageable levels of grief and pain. You’ve come close to quitting many times, but you’ve kept going because you’re terrified of the consequences if you don’t. You may be asking yourself how much longer you can hold on. . .

Whatever your impossible challenges may be, I hope you’ll find support and inspiration from our service this Sunday. The theme is UNEXPECTED POSSIBILITIES. We’ll be looking at the surprising spiritual resources that are available to us in our most challenging situations.

Perhaps we haven’t been aware of these resources in the past, or maybe we’ve forgotten about them or never really learned to use them. These resources are absolutely essential if we ever hope to move from “I just can’t do this” to “I CAN do this!”

A man named Moses will help us, with support from other women and men in the Bible who were empowered by their faith to survive and thrive against impossible odds. Rather than be defeated by their circumstances, they discovered the spiritual attitudes and strategies that enabled them to triumph with God’s help. What they learned changed their lives forever and it can change ours too.

With love and blessings,

Evan Howard,