Change your perspective, change your life

After a week of the government shutdown and the acrimony that has accompanied it, we can all benefit from a renewal of our perspective. This will be the theme of our 10:30 a.m. worship service on Sunday — the UNEXPECTED PERSPECTIVE that our Lord Jesus Christ invites us to receive.

Like the politicians in Washington, we easily fall into an us-against-them mentality. When this happens, we miss the renewal of life that comes from seeing all humanity as indivisibly connected.

Christ calls us to a new way of thinking. From his enlightened perspective, even our worst enemies have important lessons to teach us. In fact, they have the potential to give us certain gifts that no one else can.

Most of the time we are too busy hating our enemies and planning our revenge to receive these gifts. That’s why meditating on the teachings and responses of Jesus can be so transforming. He shows us how we can be liberated from our us-against-them mentality and begin to live up to our spiritual potential.

Rachel Cosgrove, a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine, touches on the dynamic I’m talking about. She writes,”World-class endurance athletes respond to the stress of a race with a reduction in brain-wave activity that’s similar to meditation. The average person responds to race stress with an increase in brain-wave activity that borders on panic.”

I invite you to join us for worship this Sunday, that we might celebrate the Lord’s Supper together and move more and more out of our panic and into the higher consciousness available to us in Jesus Christ.

With love and blessings,

Evan Howard,