The Beauty in the Tangle

Are you prepared for glory?

From a Christian perspective, our time on earth is a preparation for eternity in God’s glorious presence. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, neither has it entered into anyone’s heart what God has prepared for those who love him.”

We can’t begin to fathom what eternal glory will be like. The closest we can come is to imagine that the joys of heaven will far exceed those of earth. Worshipping the Lord during the Advent/Christmas season gives us a tiny glimpse of heaven’s glory.

This is the season of beloved carols and triumphant anthems, of glowing candles and sweet-scented wreaths, of angel choruses and star-guided journeys. During Advent, we live our entire lives in one month. Just as the purpose of our days is to prepare our souls for eternity, so is Advent the time to prepare to receive Christ anew.

The glory of Christmas gives us a small taste of the life of heaven. What a wonderful opportunity this season affords us!

I intend to put my whole heart and soul into my Advent and Christmas messages. This Sunday, we light the second candle on our wreath. This candle signifies an experience that we truly can’t live without. The more deeply we enter into this experience, the more we will discover of the purpose and power of our lives.

May this season bring you closer to the glory of God’s presence — a glory waiting to be born in the gift of Christ, which is new every year.

In joyful expectation,

Evan Howard,