Everything you need is available to you.

That’s an amazing thought, isn’t it? Too often we live from a mindset of scarcity and limitation. We buy into our natural mind’s eloquent monologue that emphasizes everything we lack.

The monologue is so maddeningly constant and so tantalizingly appealing that it easily seduces us and drags us down into a dungeon of darkness.

The twelve days of Christmas invite us to return to the light — the only true and lasting source of liberation.

The light of Christ offers us everything we need to nurture and sustain the health of our souls. These days challenge us to confront our mindset of deprivation. The first step is to learn the disciplines that will restore us to love, peace, freedom, and joy.

Just as the sun is the source of everything that grows, so is the Son of God the light that meets the deepest needs of our hearts. This Sunday, we’ll continue to develop our ability to harness more and more of this healing, inspiring, liberating energy.

We’ll meet in Rhodes Hall in order to use the audio-visual equipment. Hopefully the colors, designs, and photos that will be part of the experience will reinforce a light-filled message, and the light will stay with us long after the Benediction and launch us into the new year with joyful expectation.

May all the blessings of the Light be with you in 2014!

Evan Howard,