Are you worthy of terror?

We have only one opportunity to worship on the first Sunday of a new year, and the opportunity beckons.

This Sunday coordinates with the celebration of Epiphany, the time when we reflect on the Magi’s journey to Bethlehem.

The new year is the perfect time for this reflection. These early days of January invite us to find brilliant stars to follow.

I’m not talking about new year’s resolutions, which we easily forget or discard after a few weeks or less. I’m talking about identifying our deeper passions and learning to be true to them.

This is a terrifying exercise. That’s why we often deny the inner voice of God, which calls us to become more authentically ourselves, and in the process to break old habits or launch out in new directions.

Some forms of terror are necessary for our development. It’s a fool’s errand to attempt to be completely free of them. But we can learn to be braver, wiser, and stronger when the terror strikes.

These are the lessons that will free us when we get stuck and keep us moving forward when we are sorely tempted to run away.

Let’s not let a little snow keep us from discovering more of these lessons as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together this Sunday.

With love and warmth,

Evan Howard