Fulfill Your Potential in 2014

Would you like to fulfill your potential in 2014? The good news is that it’s possible. But this news comes with some fine print: We have to move forward with the right mindset and with a clear understanding of what we seek. If we lack these qualities, we’ll end up disappointed instead of fulfilled.

The truth is that no pastor (or anyone else) can give you a foolproof guide for finding fulfillment in life. What I can do is invite you into a series of worship experiences that will allow each of us to discover the spiritual keys that unlock human potential.

Please prayerfully consider committing yourself to seek these keys with me for the next three Sundays.

We’ll focus on a transforming experience that the prophet Elijah had, and we’ll be challenged by relevant New Testament teachings.

Our theme this Sunday is “The Power of Accurate Assessment.”

Before we can make progress in any area of our lives, we first have to be absolutely clear about what we’re dealing with. We have the tendency to be naïve, to be misinformed, even to be completely ignorant of the truths and insights we need in order to begin fulfilling our potential.

Thankfully we can discover more of these truths and insights no matter our age, our physical condition, or our background or other variables.

All we need is an open heart and the determination to keep seeking until we find what we have been looking for all our lives.

May we seek and find together this Sunday.

With love and gratitude,

Evan Howard
Community Church of Providence