Harness the Power within You

Last Sunday, we began to explore a transforming experience in the life of the prophet Elijah. His confrontation with King Ahab and his wife Jezebel and their 850 prophets contains many insights for Christians who want to fulfill their potential.

In the larger scheme of things, our greatest potential is spiritual, not physical or intellectual, because only our spiritual growth lasts forever and, in fact, continues to expand beyond our time on earth. We haven’t even begun to comprehend the possibilities that await us in this eternal, light-filled realm.

I don’t mean to minimize what we can achieve with our bodies and minds, but our efforts in these areas will be enriched and enhanced immeasurably if our spiritual growth supports our efforts.

We all have challenges ahead of us in 2014, and we will do best if we draw upon all of the spiritual resources available to us. Elijah was very much an underdog when he went up against the prophets of Baal and Asherah, but his willingness to do so became a defining moment in his life. We can learn so much from the mindset and bearing he brought to this overwhelming confrontation.

Dr. Marie Ray, a noted psychiatrist in the 1970s, made a wide study of the relationship between handicaps and achievements. She offered a list of outstanding men and women and asserted that most of the shining lights of history were made so by their struggles with either some disability or some responsibility that seemed too great for their powers. And then she put down this definite rule as the result of her research: “No one succeeds without a handicap. When anyone succeeds, it is because of a handicap.” (Wallace, pp. 51-52).

Inspiration, hope, and renewal await us as we encounter God’s presence in worship this Sunday!

Peace, joy, and love to you,

Evan Howard,