Your potential is greater than. . .

Fulfill Your Potential in 2014

Your potential is greater than you think! That’s one of the many lessons we learn from Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal.

We have been focusing on this life-and-death showdown for the past two Sundays. As the story builds to a thrilling climax, who will win? I hope you will join us, not only to hear the answer, but also to explore how it relates to your potential.

We all stand in Elijah’s place of vulnerability. There are so many ways to go wrong and get wounded. In the midst of an extremely intimidating situation, Elijah stays centered and employs a strategy for winning that we can also learn. The strategy is actually so simple that once we learn it, we are amazed that it took us so long to discover it.

Jesus spent his entire ministry trying to get people to understand and practice this strategy, but sadly, only a few really got it. One of these was John the Baptist, whom he associated with Elijah.

This Sunday, we’ll focus on this strategy as we learn from Elijah, John, and Jesus how to CALL DOWN THE FIRE.

May we be challenged and inspired as we encounter God’s presence in worship!

Peace, joy, and love to you,

Evan Howard,