Tap the Power within You

There’s a lot of discussion today about the need for more renewable energy. The survival of our planet depends on our ability to find energy sources that can’t be depleted, and that can be utilized without polluting or pillaging the earth.

Such an energy source already exists — the sun. Space Solar Power (SSP) could in principle provide most of Earth’s energy requirements with NO greenhouse gas emissions. SSP works by collecting energy from the sun with large orbiting solar panels and beaming it down to earth. Amazingly, three days’ worth of energy reaching the earth from the sun is equivalent to that in all known fossil fuel reserves.

We face a similar situation in our personal lives. We need power in order to sustain our relationships, pursue our dreams, keep our spirits energized and peaceful, and fight battles with the multitude of problems and challenges that perplex our minds and break our hearts.

The Bible tells us that abundant spiritual power is available for all of these situations and more. Christ came to demonstrate how this power works and to teach us how to tap into it.

I don’t believe that we can reinvent our lives or our congregation through our own strength. If we try, our hearts and bodies will eventually resemble the current condition of the earth: They will be ravaged and pushed to a state of near exhaustion.

But if we learn to tap into the spiritual power that is far greater than that of the sun, we will find more than enough clean, safe, renewable energy for our lives.

This Sunday, our teachers will be a dilemma that King Solomon confronted and a mysterious experience that Jesus and three of his disciples shared on a mountain.

May the peace and blessing of the Lord be with you until then!

Evan Howard,