The Surprise of Your Life

Can you ever be ready for the surprise of your life?

It’s impossible.

By its very nature a surprise is something we can’t be prepared for. We have all been shocked by events that have developed from out of nowhere — good ones as well as bad. I’m confident that as you examine your life, you’ll conclude that unpredictable events have played a major role in shaping you into who you are today.

The Christian faith invites us to embrace this part of life rather than fear or resent it. We progress spiritually when we begin to trust that the good surprises will outweigh the bad ones in the long run. In this trusting spirit we find a powerful defense against negativity, cynicism, bitterness, and despair.

Please notice that I said “outweigh,” not “balance out.” As we follow Christ, we’re being led toward greater hope, love, joy, and peace in the future than we have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing.

Through the triumph of the risen Christ, eternal glory awaits us, and this truth has direct application to our lives today. If in our hardest times we can trust that the future holds some great spiritual surprise for us, we can keep going with renewed strength.

Every day we’re tempted to give in to self-pity, pessimism, and resentment, but in Christ we find spiritual resources to fend off these depressing joy-killers. The Easter stories remind us that the risen Christ is full of wonderful surprises. Let’s come together on Sunday and open ourselves to receive them!

In love and gratitude,

Evan Howard,