Keeping Your Soul Alive – Never Stop Believing

I have read that all airplanes are blown off their flight plans ninety percent of the time. However, the vast majority of these planes reach their destinations safely.

In the life of faith, we often feel a bit lost in much the same way. We get blown off course by unexpected life events, and we have to draw upon our spiritual skills and resources to get back on track.

Thankfully God continually works with us in this process, and as we persevere in the way of Christ, we are eventually led to the destinations God has ordained for us in both this world and the next.

At this moment, based on your personal experience, you may be doubting my line of reasoning, and there have been many times when I have doubted God’s providence in my own life, but then events have developed that have steered my flight back onto the path, and my faith in providence has been renewed.

If there is any secret to making it safely to our destination, it’s to never stop believing. In Romans 4, we read that “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” Notice, it doesn’t say Abraham believed “in” God. No, he BELIEVED GOD.

Wow, that’s something we should really ponder! What does it mean not just to believe in God but to BELIEVE GOD?

I look forward to exploring this theme further with you on Sunday. Until then and always, may the Lord be with you and keep you moving toward your divinely intended destination.

With love and blessings,

Evan Howard,