You are invited to. . .

You are invited to. . . What special words those are! We all like invitations to happy events, and we have many of them coming up at Community Church of Providence. Please take a moment to see them below and plan to join us!

One of my favorite metaphors of community is the image of all of us as stalwart mountain climbers. We’re tied together by a rope so that if one climber falls, the others pull tightly to provide rescue or assistance.

The rope offers security and unifies everyone in a single mission — to reach the summit, but also to enjoy, appreciate, and learn from every inch of the journey.

When we climb together in community, we have others with whom to share the panoramic views. Just as importantly, our souls are given countless opportunities to be shaped and formed by the wisdom of our fellow climbers. Sometimes the process can be difficult, but the benefits in growth and maturity are worth the effort.

It has been said that friendship “divides our sorrows and multiplies our joys.” This is doubly true of our friendships that are centered in the Lord.

I am thankful for each of you as we make our ascent together!

Love, peace, and blessings,

Evan Howard,