When was the last time you. . .

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be amazed?

Most of us don’t spend much time pondering this question. Our lives move so fast that it takes all of our effort and energy just to keep up. In the meantime we miss out on a major reason we are here in the first place — to experience fully the wonder of God’s creation.

The benefits of allowing ourselves to be amazed are huge. Amazement brings us back to what’s really important — loving God and loving others. It makes us happy and humble at the same time. It reminds us to see everything as gift and miracle. It inspires us to do our best work and take advantage of unseen opportunities. It renews us so we believe we can conquer the world. It inspires our creativity. It makes us feel fully alive — and then some. It teaches us to center ourselves in the present moment. It turns us away from our problems and awakens us to our joy. It draws us toward beauty and allows us to feel beautiful, no matter what we look like. In short, amazement gives us a glimpse of eternity and a foretaste of heaven!

In light of all these benefits, it makes sense to allow ourselves to be amazed by God’s goodness every day. No matter how busy we are, no matter how broken the world is, no matter how many negatives we have in our lives, we are still surrounded by unseen miracles, and taking a moment to recognize them and whisper “thank you” can change the course of our day and maybe even our futures.

We are only two days away from Thanksgiving Sunday, which is also Friendship Sunday this year.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to be amazed by God’s love at Community Church of Providence!

Love, peace, and blessings,

Evan Howard,