Seeking Your Promised Land

I’m looking forward to seeing you again this Sunday after a wonderful week in Florida with Carol! A highlight of our trip was a visit with Bonnie Bennett and her husband Paul in their beautiful new home in Naples. They send their love and greetings to all of us here in snowy Rhode Island, where I hear there may be another storm on the way this weekend. I hope we will be able to have our
service on Sunday, but please check your email that morning because I will send out a cancellation notice if there’s a parking ban.

Due to our service having been snowed out on January 25th and then to my having been away last Sunday, I’ve had two weeks to ponder my last sermon in the “How God Guides Us” series. What keeps coming back to me is the realization that we have only scratched the surface of this multifaceted and rich subject.

So far, I have emphasized that God guides us by his PROVIDENCE and by his PRESENCE, but there’s a third word that begins with “p” that’s equally important. This word and the insights behind it, like the first two, comes from the opening chapters of the book of Joshua, where the Israelites prepare to enter the promised land.

Like them, all of us are seeking the promised land in our lives, and thankfully there are some biblical principles that can help us in our quest. I look forward to sharing more of these principles with you on Sunday, weather permitting!

With love and enthusiasm,

Evan Howard,