Living Your Life on Purpose: “The Key to Your Legacy”

I’m excited to present a sermon series for Lent called “Living Your Life on Purpose.” During this season, we journey to Jerusalem with Jesus. Going to the Holy City was at the heart of his life’s calling, his purpose. Each year, what amazes me is the resoluteness with which he took the journey. He could have stayed in the safe confines of Nazareth or continued his ministry along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, but instead he “set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) in spite of the dangers that awaited him there.

If Jesus hadn’t found his unique spiritual mission and stayed true to it to the end, he wouldn’t have become the towering figure we now know him to be. We have five rich Sundays to immerse ourselves in this profound legacy, that we might allow it to challenge and change us as never before. As we do this, we will discover anew why this journey to Jerusalem is called “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

Please prepare to celebrate the Lord’s Supper this Sunday by asking yourself these questions:

  • Am I truly seeking God’s purpose for my life each day?
  • Have I found the inspiration, joy, and peace that come from surrendering to my deepest purpose?
  • Am I willing to make Lent a time of prayerful exploration and spiritual discernment in the surrender process?
  • Am I committed to seeking companions whom I can support and who can support me along the way?
  • I am asking these questions of myself as I prepare for the service on Sunday. Let’s seek the answers together in worship!

Stay warm and safe,

Evan Howard,