We help people discover God's love and how it transforms their lives.

                     Wednesday Night Fellowship

We welcome all members and friends to join us on Wednesday evenings for prayer, a potluck dinner, and an opportunity to learn and grow together. In the past, we have studied such topics as the Puritans & Pilgrims, the Great Awakening, the Crusades, the Reformation, early Christianity, and comparative religion. Everyone who attends feels closely connected to one another. We have even gone to plays and movies together. Another especially meaning event was participating in a burial at sea for one of our deceased members.

                                  Adult Bible Study

Each Sunday at Noon from September to May, we gather to explore the Christian faith in-depth. In the past we have studied numerous books of the Bible. We have also focused on the Second Coming of Christ, Bible interpretation, interfaith dialogue, and church history. The forum meets from about 12:00 to 1:00 PM after services. 


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