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Mission to La Romana in the Dominican Republic

Beginning in 1994, our congregation has sent a mission team to La Romana in the Dominican Republic each year. These teams have helped to construct the Good Samaritan Hospital, the only source of medical care for the people of that area. Many of these people work in the sugar cane fields and live in shantytowns called bateys. Our teams take medicines and clothing to La Romana and provide medical care to those who live in the bateys. This has been a deeply meaningful ministry for the mission workers, for the congregation, and for our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. The La Romama mission effort was founded and organized by the late Dr. Elihu Wing, Jr.

Women’s Society

The Women’s Society sponsors programs of education, study, and outreach. Guest speakers have addressed topics such as hunger, aging, stress management, relationships, and many other concerns. Recently, some of the women knitted over a thousand warm woolen caps for the children of Romania. Currently meeting seasonally, The Women’s Society finds ways to give support to the needy at home as well as in foreign lands.


Women Together

This new women’s Christian fellowship group meets monthly for study and mutual support. Working women find the group especially helpful. A recent discussion topic was “becoming a woman of purpose.” The friendships formed in the mutual quest for spiritual growth become deeply meaningful.

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